Senior Issues

Seniors have been a top priority for me since I first entered the Legislature in October 2014. Because so many of our Seniors struggle with various issues of importance. From affordability, to protection from scams and fraud, to support for their cost of living and to health and wellness just to name a few. 

The Legislature in partnership with the Governor has already made incredible progress in supporting our seniors. The new "StayNJ" program will provide property tax relief to our seniors so they can enjoy their well earned retirement here in New Jersey without having to move. In addition the Legislature has strengthened and protected PAAD and Senior Gold which are essential resources for our Seniors. 

On top of this we also have the ANCHOR program of which I was a proud sponsor. ANCHOR provides direct property tax relief, including to Seniors. As of this writing, two rounds of ANCHOR checks have gone out and they are already making New Jersey more affordable. 

For my part, I've been proud to introduce legislation which puts senior issues in focus. In particular, a bill which increases the personal needs allowances for Seniors in nursing homes to $100 a month.

I will always stand with our Seniors, they cared for us at one time, now it is our turn to give back to them and make their retirements healthy and everything. 



Promoting safety in our state and our towns has always been a critically important part of maintaining our quality of life. Making sure the state we build our lives in and raise our families in, is a safe one hits close to home for everyone. From getting illegal guns off our streets to supporting our first responders with the tools and funding they need, I have been proud to help make New Jersey a safer place to live and work. 

And as the Chairman of the new Public Safety & Preparedness Committee in the 221st Legislature, I look forward to continuing to do so. 


Our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and National Guardsmen, and their families, sacrifice so much to protect our freedom. They deserve our gratitude and all the benefits they've earned for their service to our country. I know from first-hand experience having served in the US Army Reserves, the sacrifices that are made by our service men and women along with their families. 

As such during my time in the Legislature I have fought for our Veterans and their families. From protecting Veterans from scammers trying to get them to pay a finders fee for services the government provides for free, to offering students loan relief to veterans attending college, to introducing a bill to create a property tax exemption for honorably discharged veterans and their families. 

Veterans issues will always remain close to my heart, and I will always fight for our Veterans. It is the least any of us can do to thank them for their service and the sacrifices they made for our country. 


As the son of a schoolteacher I have always believed in the importance and the power of public education in the development of our children. A good education can be the foundation that leads a person to great achievements in their lives, as such to me a good education is a fundamental right of which everyone should be afforded. 

In my time as an Assemblyman I have been proud to support legislation which shores up our community colleges, puts more money in our public schools, and helps our teachers receive a fair rate of compensation. More can of course be done, and as your Assemblyman you can rest assured I will always be on the frontlines supporting public education in New Jersey


Labor and workforce issues are ones which are close to my heart. The working class are the backbone of our state and our nation. I have always been proud to support legislation that puts working families first. From supporting legislation establishing a living wage of $15 an hour, to supporting the New Jersey Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. 

I will always stand with our working men and women, our Union brothers and sisters, and all those who work. I had the privilege of learning from my friend, colleague, and longtime running mate, former Labor Committee Chair Joe Egan, how best to support our friends in Labor, and as I join the Labor Committee in the 221st Legislature, I pledge to continue to do so. 


As the owner of a small business in the IT space, I've been around technology for as long as I can remember. New Jersey to me has so much potential to become a leader in technological innovation. And that potential is realized in my district, the new Helix Health & Life Science Exchange in New Brunswick is a beacon for the state and indeed the nation on what science & technology can do when working together. 

And as Vice Chair of the Science, Innovation & Technology Committee I pledge to bring that level of innovation we have here in LD17 to the table. New Jersey can become a nationwide leader in technological advancement, we just need to unlock that potential together.